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how much is Enough?

The Million Dollar Question…

I work with a small number of like-minded people every year on goal-based financial planning, investment strategy and behavioural coaching to help them achieve their long-term life goals.

Typical Clients:

  • I specialise in working with individuals with a similar background to myself: Investment Banking or Professional Services (ie ‘Big Four’ Accountancy, Law Firms, Management Consultancy)

  • Specifically Managing Director, Partner, or Director level

  • Business owners - particularly those who are close to a business sale

  • Typical clients have $1-20m SGD in investable assets

  • Minimum initial investable assets $500k SGD, if you are still accumulating on an annual basis

  • Be thinking about retirement planning - typical age is 40+

  • Often require investment solutions that meet workplace compliance requirements and restrictions (such as financial services and professional services firms).


  • Your investment time horizons are 5+ years

  • You are motivated to engage with and follow the process

  • You are prepared to be open and honest about your current financial position and your future goals

  • You understand that your investments is "at risk"

  • You are not looking for specific guarantees around market performance

  • You are not looking to impose your own market views on your investments

The Full Providend Team 

I am Head of Expat Advisory at Providend Ltd - Singapore’s first fee-only advisory firm with more than 18 years in the market. I am fully supported by an experienced, knowledgeable and ethically driven team and have access to exclusive evidence-based and cost-efficient investment products.

Learn more about Providend here.

The Most Common Reasons People Need My Help…

  • Can I quit my job and retire today? Can I make work optional?

  • How do I maintain my lifestyle in retirement without running out of money?

  • What happens if I leave Singapore?

  • What should do with my cash savings?

  • What do I do with the proceeds of the sale of my business? 

  • I’ve got a collection of investments and have no idea how they fit together.

  • How do I transfer wealth to the next generation?